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E-finity Group Inc.

E-finity Group Inc. is an independent consulting and advisory firm specializing in helping organizations leverage technology for business advantage. Our strength is delivering outstanding results for our clients in an effective and pragmatic manner. We provide strategic insight, expert project management and leadership to ensure our clients experience successful outcomes.

Whether it involves analysis and solutions integration across a full spectrum of technologies and business processes or delivering competent, cost effective change in specific industries, E-finity Group Inc. provides expert and efficient solutions support.Each member of our consulting team has many years of experience in the technology, project management and business process change arena. As a result, we have the experience that can help you make the right decisions and implement them quickly.

As an unbiased advisor, we are not affiliated with any specific technology or vendor. We do not take commissions, bonuses or "finder's fees" for any of our recommendations. We work solely for you, the client, exclusively and without any other influencing factors. As a result, you are assured that any solutions or approaches that we identify are right for you.

We have extensive background and experience in supporting and implementing solutions in the supply chain and logistics, financial services, public sector and telecommunications industries. We are intimate with industry related standards, complex process implementations, payments and payment related systems.

We have also developed expertise in working in developing economies where client organizations can gain increased advantage by leveraging techniques already proven successful elsewhere. We tailor our advisory and solutions approach to be appropriate for local environment and conditions.